Art and Craft

Through her work as an Artist and a craftsperson, Jue questions the definition of authenticity and explores peoples relationships to material, their living and working spaces, how they alter them and processes of deterioration, renovation, conservation, peeling back the layers and repair. She also looks at cognitive processes connecting mind to tool to material, and the history of vernacular crafts as well as exploring mythology and ancient writing systems.

My sculptures range from hand held figurative bronze castings to installation architecture.


The scribe I made with Blue Jay Metal while studying on the Princes Foundation Building Craft programme on Dumfries House Estate in 2019-2020.

miniature scale wattle and daub house which is still in progress.

For the wattle I used willow from the local park. The wood is mostly old recycled lath, and the bricks are Teifoc toy bricks.

My Kingdom

My Kingdom is my workshop, “plinth” for what is inside, 3D research document and also a world of its own, existing in the everyday but more specifically it’s my everyday

My Kingdom – Installation from MA/ MFA degree show at Kingston School of Art 2018

Front view with rubbish piles as documentation of building process

Spirit Dolls

These are a set of spirit dolls, some of which explore our humanity.

Facets. 2016- 2017 dog fur, bees wax, wood, feathers and water colours.
Mother’s protection. 2016. Feathers, beeswax, wood, and water colours.


Beastie’s Labyrinth

The Beastie’s Labyrinth was an immersive sculptural installation exploring exploring safe spaces such as homes, temples, churches and animal dwellings. It was questioning our modern western cultural separation from the natural or animal world, which treats it as abject.

The participant was to explore the installation by one bare foot and alone, washing their feet as they enter and exit. Most of the interior was covered in damp clay and sculpted in places. There were also various paintings on the inside and outside which depicted  “beasties”.

Beasties are the  the creatures who fill my imagination. They are also illustrated or physical manifestations of my emotions and memories. This installation is seen as a sort of temple devoted to them.

This installation was at the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design undergraduate degree show 2011

detail of painting on the labyrinth
Bronze Cast Beasties